Best Parks to go to for a Workout in Calgary

By: Ivan Cilic

Best Parks to go to for a Workout in Calgary

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Grab your shoes and get outside on those sunny, dry days! Here are some of the best parks in the city to head to get your exercise quota of the day. 

Deerfoot Business Centre
6632 8 St. N.E. 
The centre has the following equipment: vertical climbing ladder, muscle builder climb, horizontal ladder, sit-up station, vault bar, jump touch, step up, parallel bars, leg lifts, balance bar and a chin-up bar. It also has permanent slackline posts as part of a pilot project. 

Edworthy Park
4075 Bowness Rd. N.W.
This park has a bike fix-it station, sit-up station, stretch station, twister, elliptical, chest press, pull-up bars, dip bars, leg press and lat pull-down. The equipment is all maintained by Parks Foundation Calgary. 

Applewood Park Community Association, 
899 Applewood Dr. S.E.
Check out all the options here, which include: double reverse butterfly, two-person extension/curl, combo lat pull-down/arms press, three-person air walker, two-person side by side cross-country skier, recumbent stationary bicycle, elliptical, rowing machine and a bike. 

North Glenmore Park, 
2231 Longridge Dr. S.W.
At this park, you can find tai chi wheels, chest press, core station, lower body combo, multi-fit, parallel bars, push-up/reverse push-up, squat station and a warm-up station.

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